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Keeping your connected to who you are while doing what you love.


Living Connections stresses the importance of personal development and growth while being immersed in the task of "working". Why? Because what we often do not realize is that becoming more aware of our own inner workings actually enhances productivity, enjoyment and creativity of any outer work. By making use of ILS coaching tools, Living Connections therefore connects you to who you are while doing what you love.

The Inner Life Skill tools are so designed to put you in touch with your own inner resources by making you once again aware of your own intuition – your best compass through life. Through NLP visualization and relaxation tools, I guide you to find your best answers to questions, your solutions to problems, clarity in the midst of difficult decisions, order in the midst of chaos and much more. Then I take it one step further.

Each and every one of us is responsible for actively realizing our wants, dreams and needs. Therefore I guide you to turn your insights into real sustainable and positive actions towards reaching your dreams and desires.

Although applicable to all working people, I particularly apply this to people working in CREATIVE ENVIRONMENTS. More particularly AUTHORS and CONTENT CREATORS. Authors and content creators especially need to stay true to themselves by voicing their thoughts and feelings in an authentic way to the world. This is not without its challenges. Whether it be self-doubt or writer’s block or just not knowing how to structure a book in a way that gives flow to your ideas. All this involves a good measure of looking inwards and getting some perspective.

If your are

A YOUNG PROFESSIONAL WORKING WITH CONTENT CREATION who do not like taking a back seat to your life but prefer actively crafting the life you want


AN ASPIRING AUTHOR who needs a bit of support while starting the lonely journey of writing a manuscript while battling the obstacles that arise

then Living Connections is definitely for you.

Living Connections also offers a tailor-made program for aspiring authors to get going and get published successfully. Have a life-changing book inside of you? Just don't know where to start or what publishing entails? Then you will benefit greatly from this program. Get the support and guidance that you need on starting your writing journey!




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  • inner skills coach
  • creative coach
  • writers' coach