Hello and welcome to Freelance Cape Town, soon to be the biggest freelance and startup advertising platform in Cape Town.

Below is a short read on why we thought it was necessary to develop a brand and platform such as Freelance Cape Town.

In South Africa, seeing people losing their jobs through retrenchment has sadly become the norm in the workplace, but on the other hand, those who do have full time job's sometimes don't work to their full potential.

There are 53 million Americans who freelance full time, this is 34% of America's workforce (http://www.fastcoexist.com/). In our country, especially in Cape Town and Johannesburg, one can also clearly see that the freelance industry is picking up.

But where would you advertise yourself if you want to pursue the dream of being your own boss?

There are great platforms such as Freelancer.com and oDesk, but unfortunately you will then compete against millions of people globally. Fear not, this is where freelancecapetown.com will save the day. This brand new, visual, clean and easy to navigate platform makes it possible for any person with any skill or services to advertise themselves and showcase work they have done within their profiles.

Once again, in our eyes, anyone with any skills or a service can advertise themselves, from your traditional freelance photographer, a bookkeeper doing tax after hours, right up to a small business / startup who sells sushi at a local market.

Freelance finders ( clients ) can also connect with Freelancer’s via their profiles and this tool will send them an immediate mail to always keep them in the know.

Create your own unique profile on this platform and become part of a growing community outside of the corporate box.

Please let us know if you would like any more information regarding our platform and also, we have an open door policy thus we would welcome and appreciate any suggestions and if there is not a suitable occupation field for you to choose, please let us know and we'll implement those fields asap.

Let’s stay in contact,
Marius and Simon